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About Us

Why We Created Dreams Decor

Dreams Decor began as an Event Decor Business back in 2015. Our very first party was decorating a 1-year-old birthday party in Princeton, NJ. At the time we actual didn't consider being Event Decorators. We ran a workshop and classes for kids including special needs and taught them to express themselves using multitude of different Arts. One night we randomly got a call asking if we decorate parties. We had initially said no but the client had told us that he really liked how we had arranged our office and such and thought that we would be good at it. We told him we had never done event decor before and we would try and we then booked our first decorating gig. We ended up falling in love. We loved the idea of taking part in events like these and watching families in awe at the decorations. From that party we got booked again for a baby boy's party, and eventually climbed the ladder two years later to have larger events such as Sweet 16's. As time has gone on, we have been introduced to many new decor styles for events including non-traditional backdrops that are circular, floating pieces of decor scattered around the ballroom, and decorating outdoor parties with and without tents. Every party we take gives us a new project to nurture and care for. We aim to please every single one of our clients and will spend countless hours if needed to make sure that everything is satisfactory for our client. We like to think that we are in charge of building the landscape of one of their memories which is a very important task. As we have accumulated many of our items, we realized that some of them would look amazing in everyday home decor. Since we did originate from an art studio we always were drawn to making things ourself which takes us to our shop section. Everything in our shop is handmade and customized for our customers. We began our shop as the market for parties seemed to shut down due to a global pandemic which hit us hard in early 2020. By creating this shop we were able to keep our artistic ability ripe and also provide beautiful home decor for many people across the United States.  These elements combined forms the Dreams Decor that exists today, including Event Decor and shop. 

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